Modern Day
Shamanic Practitioner &
Spiritual Guide


I help men & women like you, who are feeling disheartened, going through new change or feel like something is missing from your life to find a new way to be yourself, grow into who you are now and experience happiness.



Welcome, I guess you would like to know a bit about me. My name is Maria Baggaley and my shamanic name is runningwater so I am often referred to as Maria~runningwater. I’m a modern day Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Guide.

Whilst raising a family and working in a corporate environment I studied and qualified in many interesting topics including reiki, crystal healing, tarot, Lomi Lomi massage, hypnosis, NLP, meditation and past-life regression.


Twenty years ago I found I can combine all these teachings and those from challenging experiences from my life to create a positive difference for clients within my shamanic work.

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I work with men & women who are either…


...adjusting to change or wish to create a better life and know what needs to change.

Your question is HOW

'How do I adjust to or create change around…….?’

Redundancy, death, big life changes, home alone, habits, confidence, personal space or health.

When something happens in your life that is not of your making, unexpected, out of your control it can be difficult to find a way to adjust to your new situation. You have so many emotions calling for attention and you cannot think straight let alone feel but it isn’t impossible.

Well done if you know what needs to change or be created in your life, you are halfway there.

...know something needs to change but you don’t know what. 

Your question is WHAT

‘What do I need to change…?’ 

You are not happy inside, each time you become tearful you are aware of that sad, maybe even angry feeling rising, you push it back down. You avoid it, not allowing yourself to even feel it, you simply cannot cope with that - Instead you focus on the next task.

This is how you avoid that pain you are carrying inside. You remind yourself of your commitments, your responsibilities, what others expect of you. Yes – you are always putting others first. These thoughts give you just enough umph to make yourself go through the motions of each day, the truth is your heart is not in it.


I want you to know…

It doesn’t have to be this way!



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✓ Find the joy in life

✓ Feel happy and content

✓ Be confident

✓ Know your worth

✓ Gain self-esteem

✓ Deal with challenges

✓ Open up opportunities for you

✓ Life won’t feel so hard


How this happens, when we work together, is unique to you and your situation. An individual approach means, a special package of my tools is combined especially for you and your personal requirements.



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As someone coming from a fairly conventional and logical background but who wasn’t doing very well in life, starting meditation classes and learning about shamanic journeying was quite a big step. I can’t thank Maria enough for guiding me though it with care and humour, so that I always felt safe. Through the work that I did with Maria, I found the direction and courage to set off on a journey that was to change my life for the better. Even now, years later and living abroad, I really miss the comfort and support I gained from her classes and teaching. Thank you, Maria.
— David Woods

Shamanism changed my life.
Why not see how it can change yours today.